It’s time to repair the damage from the holidays! Slim down, firm up and have some fun while doing it on my Challenge!

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Challenger testimonials

Donna F

"A sneaky weigh in reveals I'm finally in the 64s. To think for 2 years my goal was to get to 70kg and was always so far from success. Thank God for Shannan!"

Annette S

"I've achieved all I hoped to on the Challenge. The food was outstanding! Diet food has never tasted so good! Great emotional support. It really is a fast track!"

Briana N

"... as of Sunday, I am down 8.3kg, have gone from struggling to jog 5km to jogging 10km in under an hour and got to do a spin class with Shannan!"

Kristie S

"Hit my 20kg loss this week – 20kg in 7 weeks. THANK YOU Shannan!!!!"

Nadine K

"Doing this Challenge has helped me find ME … I'd been lost for so long, but I'm back and loving life! And enjoying every minute! Thank you so much!"

Melanie H

"2.3kg this week and so excited back into the 60s ... total loss at halfway point 6.1kg ... haven't felt or looked this good in years ... so glad the hard work is paying off."