Learn to love yourself

Learn to love yourself

They say that you can’t put a price on love and here at The Club we agree – self-love that is. You see, finding love doesn't just come from loving another person, it comes from loving yourself too.

The rewards of self-love are endless because it equips you with important tools for success – self-confidence, self-esteem, happiness and the belief that you can achieve anything.

When Biggest Loser Series 4 finalist Sharif Dean lost a whopping 72.5kg he learnt to love himself and gained a bright new positive outlook which has been critical to his on-going success. “I really believe that self-esteem comes from being happy about yourself. I think that all of us tend to share negatives in life but we don’t necessarily share the happy or positive factors.”

Sharif is such an avid believer in the importance of positive attitudes that he now helps others to feel the same. “I recently got involved with The Encouragement Foundation which is a non-profit group that motivates and supports others. I believe passing on positive vibes also helps me feel happier.”

If you’d like to share Sharif’s positive outlook try these confidence-boosting, happiness-infusing tips to help you love yourself.

Love music

Research shows that listening to your favourite music is a very effective way to improve how you feel about yourself. Findings by Finnish researchers Dr Suvi Saarikallio and Dr Jaaklo Erkkila, published in The Psychology of Music, claim that music stimulates and improves your mood, is a welcome distraction from everyday life and leaves you feeling revitalised and calm. So, whether you like pop or classical, turn on your favourite tune and enjoy the feel-good vibes.

Love celebrations

Weight loss can be a long journey and while you’re focussed on your ultimate goal it’s important to set lots of smaller goals along the way. Every time you reach one of these milestones, celebrate your success and be happy. Every victory will boost your self-confidence and make you feel on top of the world. 

Love lists

Do you have a task or two that keeps nagging to be done? You’ll feel more in control and less overwhelmed if you write a list. Once each item is done  tick it off – it’ll make you feel calm and organised. The first time you create a list write down a couple of chores that you’ve already done and enjoy the sense of achievement as you sign them off.

Love taking control

When you're trying to lose weight you need to make some sacrifices. Making a sacrifice is a way of taking control over certain aspects of your life. So whether you cut out takeaways or your daily whole-milk cappuccino, it will help you feel more in charge and boost your self-esteem.

Love what you're doing

Doing something that you adore, where time flies by, is a real happiness booster. One of the world’s leading researchers on positive psychology, Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, has spent decades exploring people's satisfaction with everyday activities. He found people reported the greatest pleasure when they were totally immersed in what they enjoyed doing. He dubbed this state of intense absorption 'flow activity’ and studies show that people feel high levels of gratification and self-worth afterwards. "It's quite simple," says Sydney psychologist Louise Bailey, “doing what you love makes you feel good!"

Love the moment

Many of us wish our lives away, always looking to the future and forgetting to enjoy the present. This is especially common when striving for a goal such as reaching a healthy weight. Wherever you are in your Biggest Loser Club journey, allow yourself time to enjoy it, whether it’s embracing the feeling of reward after a good session at the gym or the fact that you’re being proactive and doing something about your weight.

Love being social

Research suggests that socialising could also improve your mood and overall happiness. "Socialising boosts your mood because having close bonds with others that you love is one of the keys to happiness," says US psychology expert Karen Schulz-Perez. So whether you’re a natural extrovert, an introvert or any shade in between, pull out that diary and start  filling it up.

Love your inner voice

Many of us have a harsh critic lurking inside that pipes up whenever we make a mistake. Learn to replace this negative voice with a more positive one and your self-confidence and self-love will soar. Find out how to silence your inner critic with this week’s challenge.

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