Lose weight with The Biggest Loser Club

Lose weight with The Biggest Loser Club

What's the secret to losing weight?

You need to burn more calories through exercise and daily activity than you consume in food and drink. Eat less, move more. This is the key to rapid weight loss.

It sounds so simple! Yet if you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll know that it’s easier said than done.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, The Biggest Loser Club has proven diet plans and exercise program and easy-to-use weight loss tools to help you make it happen.  With its simple weekly menu and exercise plans, The Club program guides you through your weight loss journey, offering support, advice, weight loss tips and encouragement along the way.

How to lose weight

To lose weight, you need to be in the right frame of mind. You need to be open to change and want to develop healthy eating and exercise habits as part of a long-term lifestyle change, not just to lose weight quickly.

  • Keep a diary: You need to keep track of how many calories you’re consuming and how many you’re burning through exercise. The Biggest Loser Club has a world-class online diary that counts calories for you – you record everything you eat and drink and the activity you do, and the diary calculates whether you are on track to lose weight.
  • Get moving: If you want to lose weight you have to be active. The Club will tailor an exercise program to your fitness level, so if you’re not used to working out you can slowly build up to 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise. General activities like doing housework, grocery shopping, and taking the stairs, all help burn calories.
  • Make smarter food choices: One of the basics to losing weight is to swap out high-calorie foods for healthy alternatives. As part of your weight loss diet, you'll replace soft drinks with diet versions; have low-fat milk and low-fat yoghurt instead of full-cream dairy products. The Club’s food search has the calorie and nutritional content of more than 20,000 supermarket, takeaway and restaurant foods so it’s easy to choose healthier options.
  • Lose weight steadily: You gained weight gradually and if you want to lose weight and keep it off, losing 0.5 to 1kg a week is a realistic goal.
  • Get support: It’s much easier to lose weight if you have a like-minded friend or community to share your journey with. The Biggest Loser Club’s online forums are full of other people trying to lose weight, offering advice, tips, tricks and a virtual shoulder to lean on when you need it. They’re also there to help you celebrate your successes.

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